Hometown Halo Award

Hometown Halo Award

recognizing and celebrating the dedicated leaders who make a difference in our senior community

Bert Ijams

September 2023 Award Recipient

Bert Ijams

Prescott Meals on Wheels

After a decade at the helm of Prescott Meals on Wheels, Bert has recently left the organization to carve out time for herself and her family. Prior to that she garnered years of experience in both private and public sector leadership, marketing and communications. She currently serves on the Governor’s Advisory Council on Aging for the state of Arizona and recently received the Professional Leadership Award from the Arizona Community Foundation of Yavapai County. She also provides consultation to small and medium nonprofits in the areas of governance, board development and strategic planning.  She is an advocate for older adults as well as a champion for the arts.  She lives with her husband, three dogs, and 16 chickens.

What is the Hometown Halo Award?

The “Hometown Halo” award recognizes and celebrates the dedicated leaders who make a difference in our senior community. 

The award is granted to one recipient every other month, selected from members of the SRN community who demonstrate outstanding leadership in the senior community

Hometown Halo Criteria

  1. Candidate must have been working in Northern Arizona for over 1 year.
  2. They work with their heart for the benefit of others.
  3. They show in their work and personal lives:  "Kindness in Action".
  4. They are out in our communities promoting taking care of others.
  5. They don't search for the limelight, but SNR wants to acknowledge their hard work. 

Award Recipients